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This includes content related data and workflow related data.

Updates with addition of HMGM Related Data: the following classes are added (each corresponding to a new table in DB):

  • AmpUser:
    • Other than the fields related to login/authentication, one extra field is added for specifying the role of the user. 
    • For now we use a simplified strategy with a flat role definition, i.e. each user has a static Role associated with specific permissions. Supervisor and Student are for Human MGM use only, and we assume they don't overlap with AMPPD Content User such as Collection Manager.
    • In the future when we implement full-featured access control, we shall define separate classes for Role and Permission, and use User-Role-Permission relations to control access. 
  • HmgmTask: 
    • Represents a Human MGM task, which is performed by an HMGM user, on a particular output from a particular AMPPD job step
      (i.e. Galaxy workflow step), for a particular purpose. The status of a task goes through a finite set of changes as it's being worked on.
    • Contains the following fields:
      • Fields inherited from Dateentity:  
        • name and description will be auto-populated from Galaxy HMGM tool/step description/tag/annotations
        • DB monitoring fields will be generated by the system
      • Galaxy ID fields uniquely identify the Galaxy dataset (an output file from a particular job) to be worked on for this task
        • workflowId
        • invocationId
        • stepId
        • datasetId
      • Static features of the task:
        • type: purpose of the task, could be: Transcript correction, NER output revision, Structural metadata creation
        • level: degree of refinement required of the result, could be: pass-through, average, detailed
      • Dynamic states of the task:
        • status: current status, could be: Open, Ready (level of detail has been provided by supervisor), Assigned, In progress, Under review, Completed
        • assignedTo: the student/supervisor who is working on the task
        • hmgmNotes: a list of notes used for communication between supervisors and students
  • HmgmNote:
    • Representing a Human MGM task note, which is added by a task assignee or a supervisor for communication.
    • Contains the following fields:
      • ID
      • createdBy and createdDate
      • text: the actual content of the note
      • hmgmTask: the task the note is associated with

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