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  • About
    • The ApplauseDetection MGM is a wrapper of 
  • Source Code
    • applause-detection code repository
      • applause-detection.def: the singularity definition file used to build the sif file
      • requirements.txt: all the required dependencies and their versions
      • applause-detection/pretrained/applause-binary-20210203: the pre-trained binary applause model used in the sif container.
    • /srv/amp/applause-detection/applause-detection.sif: Singularity container file for the applause detection code with all dependencies needed built-in
    • galaxy/tools/amp_segment/ Python wrapper script to run applause-detection singularity
    • galaxy/tools/ina_speech_segmenter/ Set of classes representing the segmentation schema

  • Dependencies
    • All dependencies are included in the singularity sif file, no extra installation needed.

  • Usage: See details on how to install, build, and run @ de       

  • Parameters
    • $input_audio: Input audio file in wav format
    • $min_segment_duration: Minimum segment duration in miliseconds (integer)
  • Output
    • amp_segments: JSON file of AMP Segments of Noise/Non-noise
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