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  1. Create a collection that has your name or initials as part of the name
    1. You can use postman to do that and the dropbox will be created for you.
    2. Or you can create it by inserting data in the database (but make sure to make the ID generator account for your new collection's ID) – and then create a dropbox for your collection.
  2. Copy files from /srv/amp/sample_files to /srv/amp/dropbox/Your-dropbox-name
  3. Download a copy of the attached spreadsheet (look for the clip icon above, at the end of the breadcrumbs for this page)
  4. Edit the spreadsheet:
    1. Replace the collection name with your collection name
    2. Replace the Source with your source name
    3. Replace XX with your initials.
  5. Use the edited spreadsheet to batch ingest the files in the dropbox.
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