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  • About
    • The PySceneDetect adapter is a python based tool that takes a video as input and outputs JSON containing the start and end timestamps of each shot.
  • Source Code
    • galaxy/tools/video/pyscenedetect-shot-detection.xml
      Tool configuration detailing tool execution, input file, output file, and labeling.
    • galaxy/tools/video/
      Python script to call PySceneDetect tool and conform json to schema

  • Dependencies
    • PySceneDetect
    • open-cv
  • Installation:
            $ pip install PySceneDetect

                  $ pip install opencv-python

  • Running the tool
    • The tool can be invoked from Galaxy UI as other tools. User needs to supply input video.  Optionally, the user can supply a sensitivity threshold.  The default is 30. 

  • Parameters
    • $input: the video input file
  • Output
    • $amp_shots: The output JSON in AMP standardized form
    • $frame_stats: Raw CSV of statistics from PySceneDetect
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