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UI-1RESTGet/Set user things, initiate workflows, etc.
UI-2POSIXInject a new master into the system
UI-3ADUser authentication
M-1POSIXInject a new master into the system
M-2RESTGet/set user things, initiate workflows, etc.
M-3RESTAccess control queries
DE-1?Will depend on what the external system is wanting
DE-2RESTQuery the storage manger to retrieve metadata for external systems
DE-3RESTAccess control queries
SM-1POSIXManage file storage
SM-2RESTInform the workflow manager that a user has initiated a workflow, etc.
SM-3DBStorage for metadata, configuration, etc.
SM-5RESTAccess control queries
WE-1RESTActivate an MGM and send all data required for processing
WE-3RESTSend validated MGM output, update status, etc.
MA-1App specificSend data to tool as well as other info
MA-2POSIXRead input file content and (possibly) inject new intermediate file content
MA-3RESTSend the results (including metdata [inline] and files [link]) with logs and other info
MA-4RESTRequest file location information for input files
MT-1App specificSend the results of the computation to the adapter
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