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When collecting units, faculty, or staff have content in need of migration or digital preservation, they will need to coordinate with the BDPL manager to ensure that materials are prepared in accordance with lab guidelines for Shipments, Items, and Manifests.

The collecting unit must transfer a completed BDPL manifest via email or by copying to a unit's 'Dropbox' folder on the Scandium virtual server.  Once the manifest is received, the BDPL manager should

  1. Rename the spreadsheet to reflect the appropriate shipment ID (i.e., the unit abbreviation or acronym and the shipment date in YYYYMMDD format).

  2. Run the script:
python C:\BDPL\scripts\

The script will prompt the user to enter the full path to the spreadsheet (Note: Python requires Windows file paths to use '/' or '\\' instead of '\'); it will then validate the spreadsheet to ensure:

  • Appropriate column headings are employed.
  • All items include a barcode.
  • No duplicate barcode values are included (also checks against barcodes for content already stored in the SDA).

Any errors or issues will be displayed in the terminal and the BDPL manager should coordinate with the collecting unit as needed to address the validation errors.  

NOTE: if any column headings for the 'Inventory' worksheet template are changed, the must be updated to reflect these new headings.

Once the information in the spreadsheet passes validation, work on the shipment may begin.

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