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To start a new ingest session (or continue work on a previous session), click the BDPL_launch.bat shortcut on the workstation's desktop:

A new Windows CMD.EXE terminal window will open and you will be prompted to enter your IU username and password so that you can gain access to the BDPL's ingest server (named Scandium):

NOTE: your password will not display as you type.  If the username and/or password were entered incorrectly, you will be prompted to re-enter them.

Once your credentials have been correctly entered, the BDPL Ingest Tool will update the clamscan.exe antivirus definitions and the PRONOM file format signatures used by the Siegfried format identification tool.  This operation may take a minute or two...

After the update is complete, the BDPL Ingest Tool graphical user interface (GUI) will open and you are ready to start:

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