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Task Force Background

The Indiana University Bloomington Libraries Digital Preservation Policy Framework Task Force was convened in February 2016 to identify and establish the necessary policies that will support the sustainability of digital preservation efforts within the Libraries. The goal of charging the DPPF Task Force is to develop the institutional infrastructure in order to better support IUBL’s focus on preservation of its digital content. Individual task force members are responsible for developing knowledge of the unique needs of their designated communities and content so that they can best represent them in the created policies. This group is convened to represent the various stakeholders involved in digital preservation activities at IUBL.

The Task Force members are:

  • Elise Calvi, Preservation
  • Michelle Dalmau, Digital Collections Services
  • Heidi Kelly, Library Technologies (Chair)
  • Lori Duggan, Acquisitions
  • Richard Higgins, Scholarly Communication
  • Misty Walter, Collection Development
  • Rachel Stoeltje, Moving Image Archive
  • Randall Floyd, Library Technologies (Technical Advisor)
  • Kristi Palmer, IUPUI University Library (IUPUI Liaison)


The IUBL Digital Preservation Policy Framework Task Force will:

  1. Research and draft the necessary policies and supporting documents based on field-defined best practices as well as institutional culture and needs.
  2. Develop and prioritize action points related to, but beyond the scope of, the work of the task force.
  3. Present drafted policies to the appropriate departments, committees, and working groups in order to maintain transparency and to elicit feedback.
  4. Reorganize the Task Force and/or invite outside staff as necessary in order to ensure the appropriate representation of knowledge at each stage of the process.

Time Frame:

The DPPF Task Force was convened in February 2016. Membership will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and modified as needed. The Task Force completed their work in March 2017.


Digital Preservation Strategic Vision 2016-2018 (View as wiki page)

This report outlines the main priorities for digital preservation at the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries from now until 2018. It provides four strategic priorities as well as specific metrics by which success can be measured.

2016 Digital Collections and Preservation Survey Results

This page provides some of the main findings of a spring 2016 survey of digital preservation needs, gaps, and goals across the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.

History of Digital Preservation at Indiana University

This page outlines the history of digital preservation activities within IUB Libraries. This work came out of research undertaken in the development of the Digital Preservation Strategic Vision, as it became clear that there was a need to provide a historic view of activities to date in order to outline future needs and goals.

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