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The 'Copy only' job type will be used for:

  • Items without any physical media, such as transfers that arrived via email, network transfer, FTP, download, etc.  These items must be located in the collecting unit's 'Dropbox' folder on Scandium or in another location that can be mapped to the Windows workstations.
  • External hard drives and USB drives, except in cases where the BDPL manager and collecting unit have determined that disk imaging is required.

The Copy operation can accept two targets:

  • A single folder identified in the BDPL manifest (and associated with a unique barcode value).
  • A plain text file containing a list of specific files or folders that will be copied to the item barcode folder.  This option is used when only a portion of content in a directory or drive will be included with a particular barcode item.  The file list should be created by the collecting unit and/or BDPL manager.

NOTE: if copying files from a hard drive or USB drive, be sure that the device has been connected to an appropriate write-blocker.

Copy a Folder

To Copy a single folder, check the 'Copy only' option and and then click the 'Browse' button next to the "Source / file list" text box: 

A new File Manager window will open; browse to the folder you want to copy and then click the 'Select folder' button. 

NOTE: the top-level folder (in addition to all of its contents) will also be moved into the item barcode folder.  Use care in selecting the appropriate folder.

The path to the folder will now be displayed in the "Source / file list" text box; if correct, click the 'Transfer' button (if not, click the 'Browse' button again and select the appropriate one):

Copy a File List

If only a portion of a directory or drive will be included in a barcode item, all relevant content should be included in a file list that will be created by the collecting unit and/or BDPL manager.  The file list should include the complete paths to the files and/or folders that will be included, one per line.  Use Windows-compatible backslashes ('\') in the paths and do not enclose the paths in quotation marks.

NOTE: the file list must be

  • Named with the barcode value of the item (for example: 30000152010272.txt)
  • Saved to Z:\bdpl_transfer_lists

To start a Copy operation using a file list, select the 'Copy only' option and then click the 'Browse' button next to the "Source / file list" text box: 

Browse to Z:\bdpl_transfer_lists in the File Manager and click 'Select folder'

The path to the bdpl_transfer_lists will now be displayed in the "Source / file list" text box; click 'Transfer' to initiate the process:


The BDPL "Copy only" process uses the TeraCopy application to copy files.  TeraCopy preserves the timestamps of files and folders and calculates and verifies checksums to ensure that authenticate and accurate copies of content have been acquired.

Once TeraCopy has verified the checksums for all files, the CMD.EXE will display a message that the operation has completed and an indication of how many files were copied: 

You may now proceed to the next step (analysis).

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