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The DVD operation is for discs with video content formatted to the DVD-Video specification. See the section on Identifying and Handling Optical Media for more information on distinguishing data DVDs from DVD-Video discs.

This procedure will create an of the DVD-Video disc and then use ffmpeg to rip a copy of each title on the disc, using the original audio and video codecs.

General Operation

Select the 'DVD' job type and 'CD/DVD' as the media type.  When the disc has been placed in the workstation's optical drive, check the 'Attached?' box and then click the 'Transfer' button:

The Ingest Tool will first use the ddrescue application to read the disk and attempt to recover any data in a disk image.  Note that this program will make two separate passes across the disk (and the second pass may include up to three attempts to read the disk); as a result, it may take some time to complete the operation. 

After the disk image has been created, the Ingest Tool will attempt to create an .MPG video of each title on the DVD, using the ffmpeg application to make a direct copy of the audio and video streams. The status of the file creation will be reported in the CMD.EXE window:


 ffmpeg may report errors during the .MPG file creation process.  As these are primarily access copies (the disk images are preservation copies), not all the errors are significant.  However, some errors may have a noted impact on the resulting file; for instance, the following error resulted in files with no audio track:

If you encounter such an error, take a screenshot and send it to the Digital Preservation Librarian via Slack.  Also be sure to leave a note for the item via the Ingest Tool interface.

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