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OAIS Archival Information Package (AIP)

The OAIS definition of AIP is:

Archival Information Package (AIP): An Information Package, consisting of the Content Information and the associated Preservation Description Information (PDI), which is preserved within an OAIS.

Indiana University Libraries Archival Information Package (AIP)

The Indiana University Libraries ESS repository constructs AIPs using SIPs provided by content creators and managers. Following the example of Scholars Portal, the ESS archival information package consists of the Content Information (CI), Preservation Description Information (PDI), and Descriptive Information (DI). The level of content can vary, depending on the SIP structure as defined in the project's licensing agreement.


The Indiana University Libraries ESS AIP includes, at minimum:

 Content Information (CI)

  • The content bitstream/s are generally stored separately from their corresponding primary preservation metadata file, which is in the ESS Fedora repository.
  • The content is stored on SDA with a reference to its location contained in the preservation metadata.
  • Representation Information is maintained, and contains information on the content's file format and version.

Preservation Description Information (PDI)

  • Reference Information - Identifiers are stored for each article identifying it globally (e.g. DOI) and locally (e.g. URI).
  • Provenance Information - Provenance metadata is maintained for each object that provides a history of preservation events in the object's lifetime, beginning at ingest into the ESS repository and referencing any preservation activities taken on the object while it is in the repository.
  • Context Information - As appropriate, information on how an object relates to other objects or to other conceptual entities.
  • Fixity Information - Fixity information is generated at the time of ingest in order to later determine whether or not the item remains in the same state as when it was ingested. This information is used for periodic integrity checks.

Descriptive Information (DI)

  • Depending on the type of content, the format of its corresponding descriptive metadata can vary, but is selected to best suit the needs of the Designated Community in using the content. The descriptive information is stored within the ESS Fedora repository.

Change Process

Changes to this document require:

  • Review by Library Technologies staff
  • Approval by Associate Dean for Library Technologies

Relevant Documents

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  2. Definition of SIP
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