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Indiana University Libraries' digital preservation efforts aim to ensure long-term access to scholarship and other works that have intellectual significance and future value. The IU Libraries embrace the digital curation lifecycle model in undertaking this work, as it acknowledges the need for users to select, search, retrieve, manage, and reuse content. Indiana University Libraries' Enterprise Scholarly Systems' primary user community consists of:

  • Indiana University Bloomington colleges, departments, and administrative units
  • Other Indiana University campuses

Secondary user communities include:

  • Indiana University faculty, staff, and students
  • Authorized user communities unaffiliated with Indiana University
  • Local organizations and institutions with a commitment to preserving local history

Tertiary user communities include:

  • Creators of content preserved within IUL-ESS that are unaffiliated with Indiana University or local heritage organizations
  • Members of the general public, through their access of freely available content in the IUL-ESS repository
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