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History of Certification Research at Indiana University

Possible Certifications

Trustworthy Repository Audit and Certification (TRAC)

Developed by OCLC and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), TRAC provides a checklist to assess the readiness of an institution to accept the responsibility of long-term digital preservation. The checklist is broken up into three parts: Organizational Infrastructure, Digital Object Management, and Infrastructure & Security Risk Management.


Data Seal of Approval (DSA)

The Data Seal of Approval provides a set of criteria for measuring the readiness of a specific repository for long-term digital preservation. This criteria is based on various national and international guidelines (including DRAMBORA, TRAC, and NESTOR/en) and is considered a simplification of these guidelines to ensure the usability of the DSA. Once a repository manager completes the self-assessment, it is submitted for peer review. If the assessment passes peer review, the board awards the Seal for a two-year period. Renewal requires resubmission of the assessment, but staff time to resubmit is significantly less than the initial certification.

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  1. I can't open the 2011 TRAC Audit research link.  It looks like it's linked to your home directory on Crystal.  Maybe upload as an attachment instead?

  2. Ah ha, I just updated the link, hopefully it works now!