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The following steps are for processing items in order to transfer them to the Born-Digital Preservation Lab (BDPL) for imaging:

(created by Ava Dickerson, UA intern, summer 2016)

  1. Recall a collection/collections whose finding aid indicates that it contains CDs, floppy disks, or other digital media (see list of viable formats).
  2. Establish the accession number last used by the digitization lab. These follow the pattern UAC2016050025, where the first six digits are the year, followed by the month, in which the accession takes place and the last four are the specific number assigned to the item. This means that if this is the first accession of the month, the number will begin again at UACYYYYMM0001.
  3. Follow the template in "digital labels.docx" by determining the Archives collection and box numbers as well as the digitization lab accession number. Enter these values as displayed in the template.
  4. Insert a label sheet RIGHT SIDE UP into the special slot of the printer. THEN press print. Make sure to pull out the usual paper tray so that the printer doesn't get confused. This also usually entails making sure that no one else is trying to use the printer to avoid printing random documents on labels or accidentally cancelling their job altogether.
  5. Once labels are printed, cut document in half vertically and apply labels to items. For CDs, adhere label to top center of back of case. For floppy disks, adhere label on back of existing markable space. If any information is covered by the label, record it and send it to BDPL staff to include in the accession record.


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