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The Default action group:

Default is generally aimed at representing a set of functions that can be used for the resource by discovery processes and for providing a default web view of it. Default is not intended to support use of the resource by tools or processes that are specific to one type of resource.


returns the current version of the asset definition. This is always of type XML.


returns the appropriate view of the resource that can share the viewing space with other previews. This is currently defined as being a thumbnail-sized image of type GIF, JPEG, PNG or a short string of plain text.


returns the appropriate string of plain text that can be included in a list of labels. This is always defined as plain text.


returns an XML OAI-DC Dublin core record.


returns the appropriate view of the resource when it has the whole viewing space to itself. It is always of type HTML.


returns a byte stream of raw content for the resource. This can be of any type appropriate to the resource.

Proposal to add getCitation

getCitation: return a valid citation for the object.  what citation format?

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