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Etext QC Tool

The DLP Etext QC Tool provides two features for performing quality control checks on XML encoding.

  1. Checks the number of <pb> tags relative to the number of images in a specified directory.
  2. Renumbers the 'id' attribute of the <pb> tags in an XML document. 

Downloading the QC Tool

  1. Make sure Oxygen is not open.
  2. Download the file qc.tar 
  3. Unzip the file, creating the folder Qc.
  4. Save the Qc folder in C:\Program Files\Oxygen XML Editor 8.2\plugins.
  5. Open Oxygen. Right click in the text of the document and go to the 'Plugins' sub-menu. 'DLP Etext QC Tool' should appear in the list.

Using the QC Tool

When the QC tool is opened, the window has two tabs: '# <pb> vs tiff' and 'Update <pb>'.

To use the first tab ('# <pb> vs tiff'):

  1. Enter (or browse for) the directory where the images corresponding to the current XML file are stored.
  2. Select the format of the image files (tif, jpg, etc).
  3. Click 'Check'.
  4. A message will be displayed informing you if there are the same number of <pb> tags in the XML document as there are image files of the specified type in the specified directory. If there are not the same number, the message will tell you how many of each.

    This tool will not check the correspondence between the 'id' attribute of the <pb> tag and the names of the image files; it only counts the number of <pb> tags and the number of image files.

To use the second tab (' Update <pb>'):

  1. Enter the 'n' attribute of the <pb> tag where you wish to begin renumbering the 'id' attributes (this entry must be numeric).
  2. Enter the desired last three digits of the 'id' attribute for the <pb> tag indicated in step 1.
  3. Click 'Update'.
  4. The tool will begin with the indicated <pb> tag and renumber each <pb> tag from there to the end of the document.
  5. A message will appear telling you how many tags were updated.
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