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  • Integrating E-text Applications with Fedora
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  • Migrating to P5
    • Legacy texts (SGML: P3 or any pre-P3 texts)
      • Wright American Fiction (already mapped to P4)
      • Victorian Women Writers (mostly mapped to P4)
    • More current texts (P4)
      • Indiana Magazine of History
      • Board of Trustees
      • Bloomington Faculty Council
      • Indiana Authors

note: Swinburne already in P5; all new e-text projects as of 3/1/2008 will be marked up with P5

Doctype Identifiers

  • If we migrate to P5 this is not an issue
  • In the interim, we need to consider system v. public for Fedora ingestion
    • IMH used system but we are changing to public identifier with PURL link to the DTD

Features in P5 Impact Text and Image Relationships

  • <facsimile>
    • @faces versus @id in the <pb>
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