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  • 2015-10-23 HydraDAM2 at IU Meeting notes
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  • Review previous meeting notes
    • corrections and links added - thanks!
  • HPSS meeting (with Kristy Kallback-Rose and Danko Antolovic) - Heidi and Brian
    • next version will solve some of our issues but no date for migration to next version
    • next version has checksums going through entire workflow vs now (no checksum between things going from disk cache to tape)
    • drives HPSS purchased do check as things are being written to tape, but errors aren’t passed up the stack to know it was part of a transfer
    • 3rd party products can do this work but have never been involved in IU's HPSS environment, other places use them
      • listens for SCSI commands going by
    • reader and writer will both be checked in new workflow (both sides of where HPSS gets a file and where it puts that file)
    • regularly scheduled fixity validation (suggested every 2-5 years if it can't be yearly)
    • derivatives - check fixity on these? could bargain with these to have all masters checked if derivatives are not
      • Brian running tests on MDPI data to do fixity checking and see how much bandwidth is required (estimate)
    • HPSS folks will work with us whatever we need
    • what do you do when you find an error? go to original source to get another copy
      • if there are 2 copies in HPSS (IUB and IUPUI), go to other copy, but requires manual intervention so file on IUB tape is marked unavailable
    • also assuming another copy is stored in non-HPSS system (DPN) - need for fixity checking goes down at that point, assuming fixity checking occurs regularly in non-HPSS system
    • migrating into new formats “relatively often"
    • network is real problem - storage silos everywhere but getting it from one place to another is a problem
  • Additional discussion
    • HydraConnect meeting on digital preservation - Jon brought up idea of using Fedora/Hydra functions to manage checksum fixity checking; folks said that wasn’t doing preservation because that is trusting a different system than where preserved items are located (same can be said for HPSS environment to certain degree)
      • can’t do all fixity checking in place - takes too much bandwidth, have to farm that out
    • Survey of fixity checking practices - NDSA storage survey 2012 
    • Fixity checking on regular schedule to start but hopefully don’t need as much regular checking and can do random sampling or as files are pulled for use in future
    • At this point, have to be good HPSS citizens and not lock everyone out; also need to make sure SDA meets our needs and advocate for more funding if necessary
  • Next steps / plan moving forward
    • January - Dark Avalon can take in HPSS data; will need a download master feature/tool of some kind
    • long term - HydraDAM2 comes in between HPSS and Dark Avalon and will also have that master download feature/tool
    • HydraDAM2 - manual fixity check calls, might need to be requests with reports you can get at later time
      • ingest to HydraDAM2 probably needs to take static XML and convert to RDF properties - need data model
    • Brian can get bag examples to Julie for documenting bag examples on wiki
    • what metadata are we mapping into RDF for HydraDAM2?
    • for items with IUCAT records - use catalog key to put into Avalon; otherwise POD info in MODS in bag has to be called up
    • USE CASE [not in Func Req - HDM-234]: HydraDAM2 - might need descriptive metadata versioning, ability to compare current IUCAT record with preserved MODS, but low priority
    • on-demand fixity checking based on events - are there standards for that? batch our fixity checking requests (looking on a single tape for certain criteria - have to do things somehow based on physical underlying system); need to gather up requests as they occur; if there is checksum question on master file, it needs to be taken out of circulation
      • AHEYM 5th video file example - truncated on upload to HPSS, that changed the file and checksum didn’t match in IUB; no validation after upload; different than process we do now (earlier use of HPSS for Sound Directions)
    • when user goes through HydraDAM2 to retrieve master file, there should be fixity checking happening at that point
      • would need fixity check message stored somewhere
      • call to download master file will grab from HPSS and place in dropbox, fixity check happens then automatically through HPSS and transfer fails if fixity fails
      • would be up to the end user when downloading from dropbox to check the checksum at that point
    • see if there are additional use cases for HydraDAM2; create stories for them in backlog
    • see if any of those stories need to be reflected in Dark Avalon (separate group working on Dark Avalon now)
    • review HydraDAM2 functional requirements page and see if these use cases are included there already
    • might need meeting again this year depending on how HydraDAM2 work and Dark Avalon work goes
    • Dark Avalon work being worked into current Avalon development in terms of more automated deposit into Avalon; will need a group for actual process of getting MDPI items into Dark Avalon

Action items

  • MDPI bag examples for audio formats to create wiki documentation - Brian and Julie
  • Consider metadata to map into HydraDAM2 RDF from example MDPI bags - Julie
  • Review HydraDAM2 functional requirements to see if use cases brought up in these meetings already included there - Julie [DONE]
  • Add use cases not already covered by functional requirements to HydraDAM2 backlog - Julie [DONE]