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  • 2015-11-20 IU HydraDAM2 Preservation Model Meeting notes
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Discussion items

  • Unique identifier is most important in HydraDAM2, use Avalon for discovery
    • this would be from inputting one by one
  • HydraDAM2 needs to have reporting (fixity checking)
  • Maybe create batch requests from Avalon to HydraDAM2 for discovery that brings back multiple results
  • Maybe use same Solr index between Avalon and HydraDAM2?
  • Is Dark Avalon going to have EVERYTHING? ask jon
    • if it doesn’t, than discovery has to fully capable in HydraDAM2
  • Example searches - rights info (object level), format types (file level), fixity (file level)
  • Original format and events that happened during digitization - Memnon/IU XML file
    • could facet on original formats
  • Original location - POD XML should have this info
  • How do we record any events that occur on the item from preservation activities?
    • does this become a new XML file?
    • do we record properties on the file object to express events that occurred?
    • do we care? can’t necessarily do any analysis on these types of events now but someday it would be possible and could be revealing about systems/hardware that is failing - seems useful to record everything, somehow
  • Maybe Avalon will show structure like in the complex diagram using PCDM?
  • SIP - not everything being preserved bit level; derivative files are not being bit-level preserved; files from Memnon, Memnon/IU XML, MODS XML, and POD XML (ask Brian if this is always there - YES IT IS) are being bit-level preserved
  • What system is going to control creation of new derivatives? check fixity in HydraDAM2 then pull master to create derivative; how does this get pushed to other systems? is there version control on derivative file? Does SIP get this new derivative, and how does Avalon get this new derivative? 


Action items

  • Update simple diagram to show ffprobe.xml files on each access/prod/pres file object from SIP - Julie - DONE