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  • 2015-12-01 HydraDAM2 IU Preservation Model Meeting notes
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Discussion items

  • Question from 11/20/2015 - Is Dark Avalon going to have EVERYTHING? ask jon
    • if it doesn’t, than discovery has to fully capable in HydraDAM2
    • Jon says it still has to be decided
    • need somewhere for metadata to be synced (across SDA, HydraDAM2, and Dark Avalon??)
    • Will says HydraDAM2 is not for editing/maintaining metadata
    • out of sync - what does it mean that things are out of sync?
    • MDPI - initial item comes in from Memon/IU, creating SIP and some derivatives, but not all derivatives
    • can either have HydraDAM2 identify problem and send barcode and new file needed to something else to regenerate (Brian W’s code, Avalon, something else) or HydraDAM2 does the whole thing and updates to SDA directly
    • currently MDPI items will be visible through files on SDA
    • do we need all descriptive metadata? WGBH is going to need some discoverability probably but not sure we’ll need
      • Amol’s work is just going off of filenames for now
  • IU Use Cases
    • fixity checking
    • need way to search and discover items (is this external via Dark Avalon or not? how does this differ from WGBH?)
    • ingest born-digital items (no SIP file)
    • need way to regenerate derivatives
  • Model is
  • Might work this with Solr cloud so single solr index/search interface that all Avalon instances and even HydraDAM2 would search against and show different views
    • might not be way WGBH would work with searching