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  • 2016-02-24 Meeting notes
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Discussion items

 Storage/HD2 ArchitectureRandall/Brian

  • Add user stories into next sprint to explore this and determine feasibility asap


 End User MVPHeidi/Mike

  • Add user stories to translate interface ideas into things that can be implemented


 Data model, SIP structureJulie/Drew/Amol

Files within a PHYDO Object

  • Restart IU SIP Working Group for MDPI content to understand some metadata issues
  • Create user stories for IU for avoiding duplicates in the system


 Features roadmap, getting where we're goingWill/others
  • Update Features Roadmap based on meeting outcomes
  • Add status to Features Roadmap to show what has been completed, is in progress, etc
 Grant expectationsJon/Karen/others