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  • 2016-07-13 Meeting notes
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2:00pm-5:00pm EDT

Connection Details

Web: (use Chrome browser)

Phone: 812-856-7060

Conference ID 237815



  • What do we think are going to be issues? (develop stories around those); 
  • Preliminary list of commonalities and differences

Discussion items

Goals of HydraDAM2 moving forwardJon, Karen
  • having a common data model for preservation objects
  • finding as much commonality in terms of the code as possible
  • focus on data model and high-level architecture
 What are the main differences between the IU data model and WGBH's?

Heidi, Mike, Daniel


How much can we put into a common A/V preservation data model?

How much can we push into common code? What needs to be different?

All (Will lead discussion) 
 Action ItemsAll
  • In-person meeting - Sep. 14-15?
  • Taking outcomes from this meeting to the Advisory Committee for comment and suggestions
  • Generators vs. non-generators, how to move the technical side of things along: setting a meeting with the developers to decide this approach
  • Investigations to be done (stories)
  • Revise roadmap

Action items

  • Review Drew's suggestion to look more closely at the video, audio, etc types in HydraWorks to determine the degree we could use these types ourselves or would need to extend them through possibly a HydraDAM namespace. And where such an implementation would take place in the Hydra stack. Use of generators.
  • Determine strategy for representing physical file/tape location (WGBH case) in the context of the storage proxy approach
  • Role of work as representing the original physical object. Does this work for born-digital? i.e. objects that don't have a physical manifestation?
  • Schedule call for developers + Adam Wead in last week of August / first week of September timeframe (Jon)
  • Schedule calls w/ Andrew Woods, Hannah Frost (Karen)
  • Revise roadmap (Mike, Heidi lead)