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  • 2017-01-27 WGBH March Milestone Meeting notes
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  • Drew and Mike talked quickly, outlining steps needed to quickly get the WGBH March implementation underway as part of the next sprint planning (2/2/2017).


Here are some steps that we'll need to take and these can be turned into stories or sub-tasks in Jira.

  • Secure Amazon server for WGBH instance that has deploy capabilities and the ability to spin up when needed.  This should be done following the WGBH web property implementation such as AAPB or Open Vault where there are two instances.
  • Set up Capistrano for deployment, probably a day's worth of work.

Drew suggested that WGBH's other developer, Jason Corum, be involved with these two steps to start to ease him into Hydra development and become familiar with this project as he'll be helping to maintain it once it's in production.

  • Implement the Ingestion Normalization code


POs should be moving up or creating new tickets that have the best queries for values that are important to WGBH, anything that would help search and discovery for the files.  If there are specific fields, like Barcode value, be very specific how it should be searched.


We should have a milestone next week due for securing an Amazon server, move it up into the sprint.


Stuff Mike Can Hopefully Work On

  • Mapping of WGBH DAM metadata to the YAML
  • Helping to define the WGBH LTO model, most likely this will come out of the ingest meeting scheduled for next week.