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  • 2017-01-31 Meeting notes WGBH Metadata and Ingest
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  • Better understanding of WGBH process, suggest type of ingest
  • Help to define the WGBH LTO model

Discussion items

30minReview of WGBH metadata creation processMike

Suggestions for defining WGBH LTO model

Suggestions for WGBH ingest



Was determined that there is no need to model WGBH's LTO tapes as an Object or Work.  The model will be all File Sets and navigating to or searching for the shared LTO tape will be done using metadata.


Because there are several non-technical metadata tags that only get into the system by mapping from a PBCore xml document to the ingest YAML, the PBCore xml should also be part of the ingested files in each File Set.

Was agreed that ingest should happen using the same Ingest Normalization functionality IU has been working on.

Eventually, it should be possible to use the external URI function to point to A/V proxy derivative files currently being stored on Amazon S3, but this is not a goal for the March milestone.