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  • 2017-02-06 Meeting notes
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  • Develop an idea of how and when the hackathon will happen.


2/6/2017 Hackathon Advisor Group Meeting
Review of the project: overview of HD2/PHYDO (Karen)
Integration of Asynchronous External Storage
o   Non-RDF Resource Node with redirect URL
o   Patch pending for Hydra-works
  • MG: Not really urgent for the call, but for later: I don't see a patch in hydra-works about this.
  • BA: this seems very relevant to our discussions about whether external-body should automatically redirect in API v1
Asynchronous Storage Model
o   Architecture diagram
o   API-X Integration
EC: would be surprised if people use APIX as part of their main implementation, but there are multiple people wanting to focus on asynch storage so this really works towards that, and if they're wanting to focus on that, they'd be more likely to put in the word to implement
  • We should share out any design documents to make this work clearer
Coding focus
o   API for Asynchronous Storage
o   Hydra API for Returned Content
EC: not sure that this is a 1 or 2 day hackathon, but isn't familiar enough. maybe it's more of a developer congress type of topic
MG: perhaps a combination of models would help, using both a community sprint (remote) for the proxy/backend work and a dev congress (f2f) for the gem integration work.
  • We need to share out our API documentation

AC: One thing to make this project really strong: use cases for multiple backend services; will help to make sure that this won't be tied just to our particular needs, so that when we do create this APIX service it'll be more useful down the line

The Hackathon Itself
Start by coming up with a list of possible people to rope in (5-7 people that are going to have the biggest impact, plan around their schedules); summer is best for no conferences, might have to work around vacation schedules
Set up a fake Glacier to test on ; barmintor:
o   Where?
MG: Dev Con after LDCX is 2 days, there's time and space, something around this could happen there and should happen there; isn't full yet; wiki page for the agenda, we can add to the list of development ideas; Could volunteer for LDCX to give an opening lightning talk to generate interest; could use the developer time to spec out the initial work
o   How?

Currently hard to figure out time: worth considering a hybrid model - online community sprint to spec the backend; Hydra developer congress  to attract more people to do more for longer; comparing 2-day vs 5-day, longer model produces higher quality output

Once proxy is in place and at least one backend is working, then we can start on the Hydra piece

o   When?
o   Who?

MG: Would be good to allocate time on a Hydra Tech call to round up names

Action items

  • Present to Hydra Tech Group
  • Present to Fedora Tech Group
  • Present to Hydra Partners Group William G. Cowan
  • Add this to LDCX DevCon Agenda