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  • 2017-02-10 Phydo architecture meeting notes
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  • Code organization

    • Separating the apps from the gems: let’s all make sure we’re on the same page.

    • Where does everything live? Are we neighbors, housemates, or what?

    • Which repositories don’t we need anymore?

  • Dual implementations of Phydo

    • Manage it with forks?

  • Plan the work!!!

    • Make tickets!

Action items

Make JIRA tickets for all of the following checkboxes. A checked box means the task is either already completed, or there is a ticket in JIRA for it. Please refer to JIRA for current state of progress on these tasks.

  • Code organization:
  • Asynchronous storage

  • Discoverable files
    • SPIKE: Investigate "flippable" features in Hyrax, and answer this: Is Hyrax's "flippable" feature framework capable, and practical, for implementing the "discoverable files" feature?
      • JIRA ticket: HDM-825
      • NOTE: that outcomes from the Hydra File Sets Working Group may impact what we actually want to be discovered here - i.e. File Set objects vs File objects. If a discoverable files feature is hard coded to handle discovery of File Sets (as opposed to Files themselves) then this could end up as a high amount of technical debt if the way of handling and modeling File Sets and Files changes.
      • NOTE: We do prefer that the discoverable files feature be implemented as an optional feature within the core code of the Hyrax stack if possible.

  • Hyrax Preingest
    • Create initials for hyrax-preingest gem, and submit PR to
    • Port tests and features from (relating to preingest logic) to the hyrax-preingest gem.
    • Add a test for ingest that includes ingesting external file URLs. (Adam PloshayAmol Khedkar)
      • We want to have an integration test for ingestion that tests Hydra-works capability introduced in PR #319.
      • It's ok to leave this test as "pending", until PR #319 for Hydra-works gets merged. The point of the test is to tease out what else is needed in order to expose the lower-level functionality of attaching external URls as files.
      • JIRA ticket: HDM-827
    • Modify code in to use hyrax-preingest gem, instead of having it baked into the app. EDIT: This should come out in the wash when working through the tickets that result from HDM-827 (see above).