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  • Current State of Hydra and Hydra Related Activities
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Hydra 9 for Fedora4

fedora-migrate gem v0.0.1

Fedora Community Data Model, Formerly Known as Hydra::Works

Sufia v6.0.0.rc4 for Fedora4


  • Interrelated development history; overlapping code and but distinct separate implementations (and gems)
  • Discussions at Code4Lib implies looking towards a merger?
  • Worthwhile
    • A simple IR that uses sufia-models but also abstracts the most useful contributions from Hydramata
    • Adds the ability to easily create new "Works" types with a generator
    • Seems to be independently pursuing Fedora4 support, even though this may be implemented in FCDM

Interest Groups

Hydra Page Turner Interest Group

Hydra Metadata Working Group

Hydra Geospatial Interest Group

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