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  • Features Roadmap for May 2017 - December 2017
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June 2017 - August 2017

  • Determine Documentation Locations HDM-545
Developers and POs 
Amol, Daniel, Drew 
  • Ability to view actions undertaken by a specific user with file, time/date, and action taken HDM-359
Amol, Drew 
Randall, Drew, Amol 
  • Back end Ingest of complex package HDM-458
Amol, Adam, Drew 
Amol, Adam, Drew 
  • Map PBCore XML to Ingest YAML HDM-627
Mike, Drew 
  • Successful ingest of IU package HDM-1077
Amol, Adam 
All developers 
  • Interact with found set based on storage location and / or import id. HDM-792, HDM-791
Drew, Jason 
All developers 
  • Export metadata into given xml schema HDM-368
  • Ability to create and alter user groups, add or remove users, and redefine access restrictions as administrator HDM-283HDM-281HDM-269
Amol, Drew 
  • Ability to view my permissions as a user HDM-357
Amol, Drew 
  • Discuss branding and final name
Jon, Karen, Heidi, Mike 


  • Ability to reorganize and interact with information based on queries (e.g., view only files that have failed a fixity check) HDM-358 HDM-349 HDM-371 HDM-155
Amol, Drew 
  • Dashboard view which would allow administrator to view system and user statistics HDM-360 HDM-361
Amol, Drew 


  • Plan and host a hackathon
  • Mechanism for maintaining connection between the item in HD2 and the published version on the access system HDM-353 HDM-354
  • Ingest implemented within the UI HDM-412
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