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The following lists files actually ingested into Fedora for PHYDO. URL redirects will be used for all media files so those are not included in these lists. Technical data properties are being sourced from some of these files as noted. A list of common technical data properties between IU and WGBH is also available.

IU - data model

  • manifest-md5.txt
  • data/MDPI_<barcode>.xml
  • data/generated/*[!(high|med|low)]_ffprobe.xml
    • any ffprobe file that is not for an IU-generated derivative (high, med, low)
    • .iso for CD-R and DVD-R formats (there will be no ffprobe.xml)
      • .iso will be pres version and there won't be ffprobe, but prod and access versions will be audio format and will have ffprobe
    • not sure if .iso really has technical data properties to grab - Heidi investigating how we get tech data properties for CD-R and DVD-R
  • data/generated/MDPI_<barcode>_group.txt
  • data/generated/MDPI_<barcode>_mods.xml
  • data/generated/MDPI_<barcode>_pod.xml
  • data/generated/README.txt
  • PURL manifest file (outside of MDPI bag)
    • not a file to save in Fedora, but use contents to generate redirect urls
  • Closed Caption Human Readable file (if available)

Files that supply technical data properties on Fedora Objects, FilesSets, and Files:

  • data/generated/*_ffprobe.xml (most techmd)
  • manifest-md5.txt (checksums)
  • either data/MDPI_<barcode>.xml or bag-info.txt for Date Created

WGBH - data model

  • PBCore XML

All files listed above can supply technical data properties on Fedora Objects and FileSets (WGBH not using direct Files)

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