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  • Implementing Preservation Metadata
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Revised Data Model based on 8/10/2016 meeting:


Notes from 8/10/2016 meeting:

Julie HardestyAndrew MyersAmol Khedkar, and Heidi Dowding

Preservation Metadata:
Things we need:
-Provenance metadata for how the thing was generated? Ingest information? ("GenerationActivity")
-Fixity events - MD5, when fixity checks are done, if one is triggered?, who triggered it?
future stuff: MigrationActivity
If we go with the behaviors option of the data model, could MigrationActivity be used to define the relationship between the physical and digital objects? or is it strictly for born digital????
  • Just strictly digital
  • PCDM -- how to relate a new work to an old one in the case of it being redigitized
using a PREMIS event description that could describe why this was redigitized 
If we're having a log of preservation events, we would need to store this as 
provenance metadata as a separate file
preservation metadata
Provenance behavior?
Presenting all filesets, allow depositor to provide meaningful information about why there are two things?
Should be able to go in and add a note later
Julie: If redigitization is going to happen, it should be a PREMIS event triggered within HD2
can deal with this in RDF terms, without needing to have a file ; this would exist in Fedora, if it's simple RDF 
if we're creating a file with preservation stuff, might be possible to APPEND
Every event is a new file
Drew: use the PREMIS vocab to define every event
only use events?
For now, we need to assume that an Agent will be a HD2 user 
  • People in HD2 will have their own trackable URI
  • Question later of software or organization needing a URI
  • Issue of automated processes -- agent will be defined as Admin or something
Looking at this for major PREMIS events:

Next steps:

Heidi Dowding: Need to define the PREMIS events 
Metadata work that we've been doing -- Provenance information: 
  • Do we need to differentiate them (work vs. fileset)?
  • We're putting all provenance information at the Fileset level
  • Make sure everything provenance is in the spreadsheet
  • Do we need to clarify "provenance" in the UI? Headings, whatever
  • Drew says: also from a software architecture standpoint (if you want to package up provenance metadata vs. not); Julie: definitely optional, not required
Other metadata issues:
Unit of Origin - fileset or work level?
        Issue of Provenance, but also issue of Administration/Ownership

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