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  • Original HydraDAM Functional Requirements Comparison
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This summarizes a comparison between functional requirements for the original HydraDAM application from WGBH with a current install of Sufia 6 and Fedora 4 that is mostly out-of-the-box. Currently we are taking the original HydraDAM application (using an older version of Sufia) and upgrading it through the various versions of Sufia to the current release of Sufia 6, keeping functionality afloat or at least making sure all automated tests pass before moving forward to the next release. This comparison is to answer the question:

Is it worth it to take old HydraDAM functionality forward through Sufia versions or does Sufia 6 have enough capabilities to cover what HydraDAM was trying to do originally?

HydraDAM Functional Requirements spreadsheet

Analysis conducted by Julie Hardesty at Indiana University based on her understanding of the functional requirements document provided by WGBH. 

Out of Scope

Many requirements for Original HydraDAM are covered by the capabilities of Sufia 6 out-of-the-box. The linked spreadsheet verifies everything except for the following:

  • batch ingest
  • scaling to petabytes of material

Batch ingest is not currently part of Sufia but is a known need and there might be code in place but not in use. Additionally, IU developer Jim Halliday has plans to put batch processing in place for CBRC's instance of Sufia 6 so even if it's not there now, it will be. It wasn't possible to test with petabytes of material so that remains a question regarding the capabilities of Sufia 6.

Not Available

Requirements for Original HydraDAM that are not available in Sufia 6 are the following:

  • transcoding to create derivatives on ingest
  • creation of proxy files and thumbnails for some video file types (mp4, for example)
  • ability to ingest data-only records
  • ability to attach files to data-only records


A majority of the required functionalities (11 of 15 requirements) are available in Sufia 6 without any additional programming or customization required. It seems worth it to approach HydraDAM2 with Sufia 6 (now 6.1) and consider programming needs based on new functionality necessary for HydraDAM2.

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