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  • PHYDO Retrospective - Sprint 48
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ParticipantsSabrina Goodpaster William G. Cowan Amol Khedkar Daniel Pierce Nianli Ma Adam Ploshay Sadie Roosa, Rebecca Fraimow


What went well?

  • Better job at estimating and committing for those with limited time / OOO – Sadie
  • Good job at looking at our timeline to decide what to commit to – Rebecca
  • Continuous backlog grooming helps at sprint planning – Will
  • Code review was helpful – Will

What did not go well?

  • Issues with the IU Bridge, moving forward we have Zoom options – Daniel

  • Estimation on story 865 was lower than what we’ve realized, due to multiple unknowns/blockers encountered – Amol

  • Still over committing on most of our sprints – Will

What should be done differently in the future?

  • For big changes, we need to plan in advance for more code reviews – Will

  • Break down larger stories in to smaller parts so that we can better commit to appropriate sized chunks for a sprint – Will