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  • PHYDO Retrospective - Sprint 49
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ParticipantsSabrina Goodpaster William G. Cowan Adam Ploshay Nianli Ma Daniel Pierce Amol Khedkar; Drew Myers; Rebecca Fraimow; Sadie Roosa


What went well?

  • Will was able to revisit the use cases to ensure we have the correct fields for SIP (not an easy thing to work through since we do not have a preservation expert) – Julie

  • Dev team members talking to product owner about future work (async storage) to prepare – Daniel

  • Product owner backlog grooming before planning meetings - Will

What did not go well?

  • Missing a user story in this sprint to represent the pre-ingest specification work Julie and Will performed during this sprint – Julie

  • Need to think ahead and plan as we groom the backlog to ensure that you understand the any potential conflicts that may occur in the next sprint cycle – Will

  • Starting stories late in the sprint and unable to finish in time (other project work taking precedence) – Adam, Drew

  • Underestimating story points - Drew

What should be done differently in the future?

  • Breaking larger stories down in to a complete design in order to better estimate effort – Will, Drew