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  • PHYDO Retrospective - Sprint 55
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What went well?

  • Weekly schedule helps us move faster. – Drew

  • Help from other team members on tickets was useful. – Adam

What did not go well?

  • Sprint cycles with gaps in people’s schedules cause issues with productivity.  We need to find a way to keep things flowing smoothly. – Will

  • Unexpected needs for personal time can take away from focus and collaboration. – Drew

  • Other project work / other project emergencies cut in to expected time. – Adam

What should be done differently in the future?

  • Wrap up on Tuesdays (Developers touch base on what will be demoed and what is left open.) – Drew

  • Add time in future sprints interrupted by developer events, such as the Hackathon, to consider work done in these events and follow-up work immediately after these events. – Will, Sabrina