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  • PHYDO Retrospective - Sprint 62
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Sabrina Goodpaster  William G. Cowan Daniel Pierce Adam Ploshay Nianli Ma; Sadie Roosa; Rebecca Fraimow; Karen Cariani; Drew Myers


What went well?

  • Using Springboot appears to be a positive step and is helping to progress Camel route work - Randall

What did not go well?

  • Busy with other work, my work for PHYDO issue got pushed aside and forgotten – Julie

  • More work than expected on stories – Daniel 

  • Other events and issues distracted from the project – Will

  • Samvera Connect took more time/attention than expected – Randall, Will

What should be done differently in the future?

    • It would have been better to have conferences at the very end or very beginning of the Sprint, rather than in the middle – Sadie