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  • PHYDO Retrospective - Sprint 64
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Sabrina Goodpaster  William G. Cowan Daniel Pierce Adam Ploshay Nianli Ma; Sadie Roosa; Rebecca Fraimow; Karen Cariani; Drew Myers


What went well?

  • Not having a Pages Online stand-up helped to refund some time that was helpful this sprint.  (Not having to change gears, loss of time while switching tasks) - Daniel, Randall

  • Pair-ups helped a lot - Drew

What did not go well?

  • Skipped a step on a rebase which deleted 8 hours of work - Drew

  • Had a PR that was not peer reviewed because it was committed at the start of the sprint instead of the end, and was forgotten - Daniel, Adam

What should be done differently in the future?

  • When there are meetings spaced apart where I am having to context switch, fill that time with smaller tasks - Drew