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This page is to list the features we are planning to have implemented into HydraDAM2 before the meeting at Indiana University on September 14 and 15.

The goal is to be able to do a demo showcase and plan out the rest of this year's work.




Features to implement by September meeting (discuss)

  • Installed HydraDAM2 Rails Engine
  • Back end Ingest of complex package
  • Back end Ingest of simplified package
  • Correctly configured to display page for simplified package records
  • Correctly configured to display page for complex package records
  • Successfully run basic preservation action on MDPI stand-in file (not actual MDPI, but same ones we're currently using to demo file staging)
  • Documentation
  • Prepare presentation on how IU and WGBH will be generating and processing their preservation packages into HydraDAM2
  • Demo of asynchronous storage - storage proxy to SDA working


Features we had planned post OR


Phase 5        
  • Ability to search for metadata record updates manually from either an individual record or a batch list HDM-363
  • Ability to select specific items within a search results page or to select all HDM-371
  • Ability to view selected items and undertake specific tasks on only those items (e.g., zip, download) HDM-155
  • Automatically search for metadata record updates on related systems on a defined basis (and ability to change scheduled searches) HDM-370
  • Mechanism for pushing items to an access system upon ingest into HD2 (button or check box?) HDM-353
Phase 6        
  • Ability to backup and restore Fedora Repository HDM-366
  • Ability to download proxy file from streaming server location HDM-365
  • Ability to export metadata into different RDF / XML schemas HDM-369



Mike's Notes 
I think a lot of the focus these next few sprints will be getting the data model to line up and be as common as possible between the two institutions.

Because IU has HSM storage and staging is it possible to have the display configured so if upon ingest, metadata found to contain an external file reference displays the HSM staging dialog and similar layouts?  Or "complex" data vs "simplified" so they could be two types of layouts for records depending on the contents of the ingest package.  Example, recognizes "POD" file, knows it will have metadata from physical object and will display as such.


Drew mentioned yesterday 7/19 that he needed to have stories ready for this week's sprint relating to Rails Engine and that's where the developers should be putting the HydraDAM2 specific code (where it differs from Curation Concerns). 

Daniel said he would be pulled on other projects for some of the upcoming sprint so he and Drew agreed that the engine stories would be good to work on, for Amol and Drew.

So thinking about the roadmap, I'm hoping it's reasonable for September to be able to demo Curation Concerns running the HydraDAM2 engine.


  • Add stories for defining what preservation actions, what is created and stored and where?


Heidi's Notes (doc)

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