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Policies on the establishment and organization of collections

  • Each object in the repository belongs to a single "primary" collection. The PURL published with the object indicates this primary collection.
  • Many "virtual" collections may be created to organize objects in various ways, but policies regarding use of the object will come from its primary collection.
  • The organization of collections will typically follow the organization of PURLs. That is, primary distinctions will be based on the institution/unit holding the corresponding physical object.

Policies for each collection

Before the DLP assumes responsibility for managing a digital collection, there should be an agreement between the DLP and the contributor of the collection regarding each of the following issues:

  • Access control policy
  • Preservation level
  • Who is allowed to modify an object?
  • Who is allowed to delete an object? (Deletion should always be "difficult", and leave a trail, like opening a safe deposit box)
  • Under what circumstances can objects (or the entire collection) be transferred to another repository?
    • transfer of a copy for extra redundancy
    • transfer of the responsibility for maintaining the primary copy
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