Creating a new collection

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Digital Library Infrastructure

For any a new collection in the repository, the following must happen:

  • Get media files
    • If we're producing files, make sure the digitizer's schedule fits with the rest of the project.
    • If we're acquiring files, make sure they meet our standards, including quality level and file naming conventions.
  • Get metadata
    • Determine appropriate metadata formats.
    • If we're transforming existing metadata, make sure there is a plan for either re-running the transform or manually updating the data when something changes.
    • If we're creating our own metadata, make sure the cataloging tools are adequate for this collection.
  • Ingest
    • Manually create a collection object
    • Configure ingest tool
    • Once items are ingested, update search index
  • Delivery site
    • Basic style defined
    • Searching functionality
    • Any special delivery features?
    • Configure purlResolver
  • Check preservation needs

Ingest Source File Requirements

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