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An Oxygen Plugin has been released to selected staff.
Xubmit integration is in development.


At various stages in the EAD encoding workflow, identifiers that are compatible with the digitization team's naming conventions and unique must be generated and applied to elements within an EAD XML file. Currently, an XSLT stylesheet exists to apply values, but due to limitations in XSLT, extending that stylesheet to allow for transformations at later stages in the workflow (ie, after some values have been added but not others) has proven too difficult/unwieldy.

Detailed information including requirements is available at the EAD working group page.


Source Repository: svn+ssh://

Outstanding issues:

  • In integrating into Xubmit, this workflow step should be configurable on a per-repository basis?
  • In the Xubmit workflow, should invalid id values prevent submission?
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