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For the DLP Infrastructure Project, we use:

  • MyEclipse, which includes the full Eclipse package and some additional pieces.

Eclipse tips

Bringing non-Eclipse code into the official Eclipse directory:

  • Create a new project.
  • Set up the base directories (source and output).
  • Create a new package in Eclipse that matches the top level directory of your java package. For example, if you're importing "", create a package called "com".
  • Close Eclipse.
  • Copy the source code into the directory just created. So in this case you'd copy the entire "com" directory over the top of the com directory created by Eclipse.
  • Open Eclipse.
  • Single click the project and refresh (F5 unless you've remapped your keys).
  • For extra safety I usually also perform a clean build: Project -> Clean , and then follow the prompts. In reality this is only necessary one time in a thousand (if ever), but it makes sure you don't have any gunk laying around.

There is a "KickStart guide" that addresses using Struts with MyEclipse. Some details have changed with the latest version of MyEclipse, but it is still very useful.

Eclipse troubleshooting

If you lose a portion/component from the editing window, you can usually recover it through the "Window/Show View" or "Window/Open Perspective" menu option.

MyEclipse licensing

See MyEclipse.

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