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Fedora 3.1 Migration

This page outlines the scheduling and procedure for the migration to Fedora 3.1. The manual and automatic processes of transforming the metadata, rebuilding the database and resource index will most likely take the better part of a week during which ingests and updates will be suspended.





Migrate test server

Nov 18-21


Test Tools

Nov 18 - Dec 3


Migrate development server

Dec 3-6


Migrate production server

Dec 8-12


For each repository the following steps will be taken to migrate to fedora 3.

Preliminary Steps:

  1. Create fedora 3 branch of source tree
  2. Update tools to work against fedora 3
  3. Create fedora3 users on three servers
  4. Create MySQL databases for the three instances

Migration Steps:

  1. Create a user account for the fedora3 environment
  2. Install fedora 3.1
  3. Copy foxml files (requires up to 8GB of space)
  4. Run the analyzer (X machine hours)
  5. Manually create and assign content models (2-6 human hours)
  6. Run Transformer (2X machine hours)
  7. Rebuild resource index (Y machine hours)
  8. Rebuild the various lucene search indexes
  9. Test repository
  10. Test our custom services

Final steps:

  1. Merge fedora 3 branch of custom services into trunk
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