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Fedora Servers

production server on redbud, dev server on chestnut.  Fedora Repository Deployment Overview gives a good overview for how those services are deployed. 


The SRW (Search & Retrieve Web Service) is URL-based system for communication between information retrieval systems which is built using common web development tools (SOAP). URLs to access Fedora via SRW is at: .  CQL (Contextual Query Language) is the query language used by SRU.  For more details, please check SRU .

A full query looks like this:,,0,,lowValue


Fedora disseminators is an "add-on methods". A named set of additional methods that are available for a Fedora object. A disseminator binds the object to a particular behavior definition and behavior mechanism. It specifies which datastreams are sent to the behavior mechanism to satisfy the user's request. Standard disseminators page gives more detailed information about fedora 3 disseminatiors.

Fedora Index Service: 

The fedora index service is running on redbud: /srv/tomcat-other/. Please check here for more details.

Fedora Research Index

Another way to query fedora is through fedora resource index at . 

For how to construct the query, you can find some example from Fedora Resource Index .


Hpss-webapp is a web application for accessing master files/images in HPSS (SDA) using the Archiver. The application is running on redbud tomcat-other. You also can visit this url ( ) .

To grant new user access to the master files in photocat2/ICO, you should grant the user some credentials to do ADS lookups, then modify the ACL property file in /srv/fedora/hpss-webapp/.

Fedora collections on Maple:

application location is on /srv/tomcat6/fedora_collection-product-8240/

start services : /srv/tomcat6/tomcat_control /srv/tomcat6/fedora_collection-product-8240 start

stop services: /srv/tomcat6/tomcat_control /srv/tomcat6/fedora_collection-product-8240 stop


other useful links:

Photocat and ICO How-to guide

Creating a new collection in Photocat and ICO

Core fields for new Photocat collections








Purl Resolver


application locates on maple: /srv/tomcat6/purl-prod-8275, you can add new redirection entry by modifying in data directory.


application locates on maple: /srv/tomcat6/purl_resolver-prod-8255, you can add new resolution by modifying data/ . 

Some instructions about how to add new entry to purl can be found at PURL Resolver.

PURL Resolution Service gives more detailed information about how to add new redirection, and reload the configuration. 

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