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See also: demo manual

Image collection demo

The "collection" object has several datastreams and a single disseminator. The disseminator has behavior definition "demo:Collection" with the mechanism "demo:DualResImageCollection". It also provides datastream bindings for the datastreams with keys to identify them.

Behavior definition demo:Collection defines two methods, list and view.

Behavior definition demo:DualResImage has two methods, fullSize and mediumSize.

Behavior mechanism demo:DualResImageCollection implements list by passing a query to the risearch service. It implements view by passing a LIST datastream and an XSL. However, the LIST datastream is defined (in the collection object) by an External reference to the list method defined here.

Content model tutorial

I named the objects for this tutorial starting with demo:700 and incrementing, instead of their ID numbers.

The behavior mechanism contains the name of its associated behavior definition in the SERVICE-PROFILE datastream.

Somehow, the URL http://local.fedora.server is transformed into the correct URL.

In the administrator tool, there is a bug: When creating a new disseminator, it won't be immediately aware of any newly-created datastreams. To bind the datastreams, you will need to close and reload the object.

EAD Finding Aid Demo

This demo could be useful for dealing with our own finding aids. The object is demo:17. Unfortunately, it depends on a Saxon service at UVA that is no longer running. To make it run, will need to manually edit bmech demo:16 to remove the UVA server name from the WSDL. (Just start each address with "SaxonServlet?")

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