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For collections searchable by SRU/W, there exists a customizable template web application.

Current Features:

  1. Keyword Search
  2. Advanced (fielded) search
  3. Browse
  4. Facets with search results
  5. Thesaurus support for term expansion
  6. Search results match highlighting

Planned Features:

  1. Robust search results configuration
  2. Item display page
  3. Easy mechanism for branded and customized deployments

Setup Instructions:

  1. Design the index (see Fedora Index Service)
  2. Build and deploy the index
  3. Configure SRU/W to access the index
  4. Set up the search fields in parserconfig.xml (this is the JQA configuration)
  5. Set up the fields, thesaurus configuration, etc. in search-config.xml (this is the main application configuration)
  6. Add all necessary branding to the jsps and css files.

Design Goals

  1. Structural formatting changes only require alteration of JSPs which contain no scriptlets, but just XML-style elements (HTML tags and Struts)
  2. Other formatting changes can be accomplished through CSS modifications
  3. Only formatting is branched when branding. All functionality is contained and generalized within the common code.
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