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This page is speculative.

This content model is intended for files that do not fit into any existing content models, and will not be used in ways that warrant creation of a new content model. Files that fit into this model do not need any special disseminators, but they are eligible for preservation.

Datastreams and disseminators

DC – The Dublin Core record, needed for Fedora's internal use. We will only store the bare minimum Fedora needs in this field, to avoid redundancy with METADATA.
CONTENT_FILE – A file of any type.
METADATA – The metadata, wrapped in METS. Exact format will depend on the collection (see Fedora Metadata Storage Philosophy).
PURL_REDIRECT – A redirect datastream that points to the PURL for this object.

Open Questions

  1. Is this content model necessary? Or do we always want to take the time to develop content models that contain all of the files we will store in the repository?
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