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Other ingest tools

Other tools that provide similar functionality are:

Differences between our tool and others

The Ingest Tool is designed to be a structured interface between a workflow management or respository management gui, and the IU DLP Fedora repository. The goal is to support a generic cataloging tool, as well as other custom cataloging tools that will be retrofitted to the Ingest Tool API (for example: the INHarmony cataloging tool). This interface will accept as input multiple varying metadata inputs, multiple content types, and will build the proper Fedora structures as defined by the infrastructure project to ingest the provided data into a collection. The longer term vision of the ingest tool is to support automatic derivative creation and master archival in HPSS.

Things that make our Ingest Tool distinct:

  • Builds the FOXML, rather than requiring a full structure to be pre-built.
  • Targets multiple content models.
  • Can create and/or alter items in a collection
  • Can alter collections
  • Auto-generates technical metadata with jhove or xslt.
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