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Ingest new items

Updates existing collections

This section explains how to update a collection if source metadata (e.g. EAD), media files (e.g. image masters or derivatives) or other files (e.g. PDF, TEI) change. The same process might be used if the objects being updated had missing components (e.g. object with only metadata is being updated to attach image files). The process might be slightly different for different collections. This page explains the general process (will also include sections specific to some of our collections)

Source metadata change

In the case of EAD and other types of metadata formats, use a XSL transformation to generate MODS records for the items that changed (Use XSLT 2.0 as it can output to multiple files). Each MODS file should named with the item id. Configure the ObjectIngestTool to ALTER an existing collection. Copy the metadata xml files to appropriate directory for ingest (a single directory for image content model and multiple item directories for paged/multicopy content models). Start the ObjectIngestTool.

In some cases, metadata changes affect all items in a collection. In this case, run the IngestTool instead with ALTER config option. Provide only metadata sections in the CollectionConfig file.

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