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  • Java Troubleshooting
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  • You can turn up the debugging level of Java output by editing jre/lib/
  • Java doesn't always allow you to override java.policy settings with a command-line argument, it allows you to supplement them (with the parameter), but this may not even be possible, depending on the settings in It is unclear what "supplementing" means when the default java.policy conflicts with one specified on the command line. It's much better to only use one policy file, and make sure you only have one copy of this file on the system.
  • When specifying configuration files to the JVM (like a file), you must use a URL. Simply using a filename can cause the file to be ignored.
  • If java cannot find the java.policy file in a place it expects, it will use an (internally hardcoded) equivalent of the default policy file (without telling you).

Common Java Errors

Could not create the Java virtual machine - Most often, there is something syntactically wrong with the arguments you are passing to the JVM.

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