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This page is work-in-progress


Production application

Test application

Collection IDs

Tubman VAA7927 (Collection infrastructure page)
Holsoe VAB6939 (Collection infrastructure page)
Carter VAB6940 (Collection infrastructure page)
Stone VAB6941 (Collection infrastructure page)
Moore VAB6942 (Collection infrastructure page)
McEvoy VAB6943 (Collection infrastructure page)
Spehr VAB6944 (Collection infrastructure page)
D'Azevedo VAB6945 (Collection infrastructure page)
Kurtz VAB8613
Ott VAB8614

Whitten VAC1139

Software Requirements

  • Users can add new images to the collection
  • Users can search collections in multiple ways
  • Users can browse collections
    • Listings should be sortable by at least date
    • Image date is utilized to locate images
  • Access to software is protected through passwords.
    • CAS integration for IU users is possible
  • Metadata requirements documented on infrastructure project page

Simplified set of requirements for the Liberian Collections Project

  • User management and Authentication/Authorization
    • The Cataloging Tool (CT) allows addition of new users and user roles
    • Users can have multiple roles, including administrator, cataloger, digitizer, etc.
    • Users can authenticate through IU's CAS service
  • Collection management
    • Users with appropriate privileges can create new collections
    • Collections are based on donor/photographer
  • Item management
    • Users can search for existing items, by title and other metadata fields
    • Users can modify existing items
      • Users can modify fields in existing metadata records
    • (Considered for later versions) Each item belongs to only one collection
      • Users can choose to which collection an item belongs at the time of item creation
      • Users can change to which collection an item belongs
  • Metadata
    • Information about photos are stored in Fedora in MODS and DC descriptive formats
    • Users select a vocabulary from a Controlled Vocabulary list for some fields
    • CT performs an initial validation according to the criteria defined by LCP
    • CT initiates the validation framework to validate entered data for DLP standards
  • Images
    • Scanned/Digitized images can be in TIF file format

Notes About Sample Data of Feb 08

  • See these attachments: Geo keywords, keywords, metadata and field list
  • File names and archive ID are different for the Stone Collection (Stone-NNN.NN.tif vs. NNN.NN)
  • Date field values:
    • Carter: Mmm-YY (e.g. Sep-73)
    • Holsoe: Mixed some MMMYYWN (e.g. SEP74W3) and some Mmm-YY
    • Stone : Mmm-YY (Aug-70)
  • Condition field:
    • Carter and Stone: a number 1..n
    • Holsoe: Text description like Out of focus, Embedded dirt, etc.
  • Copy right field: LCP/IU. Should this be stored as it is in the descriptive metadata?

Information we still need

  • (tick) A complete field list
  • (tick) A MODS record format corresponding to the field list
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